We currently have open registration for all of our kids' groups. Please register below or contact us for more information about scheduling and to reserve your spot today.

Once we have 3 or more people registered for a group, we will confirm a meeting time to best accommodate everyone. In some cases, two groups will be formed if needed.

Percussion & Drumming

Drumming has been shown to be beneficial for all ages. In children, learning about and using rhythm can help with mathematics, motor skills development, and social learning. It also gives kids an outlet for energy and emotional expression. Plus, it's fun!

Music & Movement


Active music-based play, dance, and other music and movement games offer kids the chance to express themselves, stay healthy, and have fun! Music-based movement can also help with cognitive, motor skills, and social development. This group will use elements of yoga, dance, storytelling, improvisation, and stretching. Plus, music! 

Finding Calm

Kids sometimes need more calm in their lives, too. This group offers age-appropriate relaxation and coping skills training for older kids and teenagers. We will mix drumming, songwriting, and music activities with breathing and mindfulness exercises to help participants learn about ways to cope with stress. We can find calm together.

Music Lessons

We also offer typical or adaptive music lessons for piano, guitar, ukulele, and hand drums, as well as voice and songwriting lessons. Learning an instrument can help with cognitive, emotional, and social development. Motor skills, language, and mathematics abilities are also all enhanced by learning a musical instrument. Plus, it's cool! 

Musical Support & Expression

Therapeutic Music & Songwriting Lessons

Some kids may need a safe space to explore and express difficult emotions after trauma or other significant life experiences. This group will use drumming, improvisation, and songwriting to let kids express how they are feeling in a supportive environment.

Group experiences will only be offered after initial educational screening conversations with parents or care-takers. Therapeutic music lessons or songwriting lessons are also offered, if preferred or if appropriate groups aren't available. These services may also require extra time and meetings with parents and care-takers, depending on the needs of the child and the situation.


Group classes are typically an hour and lessons are typically either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. However, times may vary based on the ages and needs of participants.

We also offer bundled sessions for improved scheduling and discounted pricing.

Please contact us to register or with any additional questions.